Mableton GA Locksmith in Mableton, GA: When to Replace Locks

There are some clear-cut cases where replacing a lock is not an option. But, there are others where you may go back and forth on your decision to get new locks. How about getting the expert opinion of a professional locksmith?

At Mableton GA Locksmith in Mableton, GA, we can inspect your locks and help you to figure out which ones need replacing. But, you can always inspect your locks on your own. If you’re interested to do this, just make sure you know exactly what to look for. Otherwise, you may be inspecting them in vain and end up right back where you started.

How Often Should You Change Your Locks?

Is there really some specific recommended time for keeping your locks? The answer is no. Unlike car parts that may have mileage recommendations or food with expiry dates, your locks will not come with an expiry date. When it comes to locks, there are many factors that can affect how long they remain effective. If you want your locks to last for a long time, the best thing to do is take good care of them. Once you do that, you should get many years of good service from those locks.

Still, no matter how well you take care of your locks, at some point, you will have to replace them because they are just simply too worn out. Here are a few things that can cause you to replace your locks.

  1. Excessive Wear and tear

    With constant use of your locks, you must expect that they will get worn out after some time. Sure, they’re designed to undergo wear and tear, but the constant movement of the parts may lead to friction that causes some damage to the locking mechanism of your locks. If you’re not sure if your lock is worn out, ask your locksmith to have a look for you.

  2. Excessive damage

    Sometimes your locks can get damaged without you noticing. But, over time, this damage can worsen. Don’t ignore your locks because they seem to be functioning fine. There may be a lot of damage to the lock. Perhaps your locks have been malfunctioning but you have been ignoring it because you think the lock is old and that’s just a manifestation of its age. Not true. The best thing to do is replace that lock as soon as possible.

  3. Break-in

    If there’s no other time you think it’s important to replace locks, make sure you change them after you’ve experienced a break-in. Your locks could have been severely damaged. It doesn’t matter whether the attempt to break-in was successful or not. Getting those locks changed should be a standard part of your recovery process. If the burglar was successful in getting inside your home, consider purchasing locks that are safer. If they were unsuccessful, it may be ok to replace your locks with the same type of locks.

  4. Lost or stolen keys

    You won’t always know where you lost your keys. And if they’re stolen, you won’t know where they end up. To prevent unauthorized persons from using those keys to access your property, the best thing to do is replace your locks. This is especially important if your locks cannot be rekeyed. Sometimes, depending on the type of locks you have, it will make much more sense to have them replaced instead of rekeyed.

  5. A new house

    Although you will be given your new house keys once the deal is closed, and you expect that there is no other copy of your keys out there, you never know. Would you like someone barging into your new home because they had a key from the previous occupant? We’re sure you don’t. You can easily avoid this by replacing the locks on the door. While you don’t need to replace every lock, the ones on the exterior doors are very crucial for replacing.

  6. The end of a relationship

    One of the sad realities in life is that you will have friends that come and go. For some of these people, you may have been so close to them that you gave them a key to access your property. If a relationship like this has ended, be sure to replace your locks. It doesn’t matter if it was a boyfriend, girlfriend, a family member or just a friend. Replacing your locks can prevent unnecessary altercations or spiteful mishaps.

So, You’ve Realized That Your Locks Need Changing … What’s Next?

It’s simple- you replace them. Some people will try to replace their locks without getting professional help. In some instances, this can end up being a good way to save money. But, it requires a lot of time and some amount of knowledge and expertise. Not a handy person? That’s no problem. There are many trained locksmiths out there. Once you call on a good locksmith to replace your locks, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the service you desire.

When your locks get replaced, make sure that you take care of them. Instead of replacing them in a few years, you could have them lasting for decades. It doesn’t matter how expensive your locks are, giving them proper care can make a huge difference in how they function and how long they last.

Wondering what to do so you can get the best service from your locks? Check out these tips:

There is a lot more to lock care and many other symptoms to look out for when it comes on to replacing your locks. If you would like more information about locks and how to care for them, contact the lock specialists at Mableton GA Locksmith in Mableton, GA. We can help you with all types of locks.